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Chiropractic care is a regulated healthcare profession that focuses on the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions related to your spine, muscles, joints, and nervous system. Chiropractors provide drug-free, hands-on treatment. The word chiropractic originates from the Greek words that mean “done by hand”.

Chiropractors are neuromusculoskeletal experts. It is our job to help you manage any dysfunction or conditions related to these systems. Whether you are looking for overall wellness for your family, embarking on a new fitness journey, dealing with acute or chronic injuries, we are here to help you improve your function.
Our team uses a variety of different treatments and collaborates with other healthcare professionals to help you achieve your health goals. Whether we can help you in the office or you require a referral to an outside healthcare provider, we do our best to get you the help you need. We are constantly expanding our referral network to have the best team of physicians and healthcare professionals to collaborate with and refer to.
We are a family-friendly clinic focussed on treating families of all ages. Whether you are a few days into this world or enjoying your golden years, we are here to help. Our individualized treatment plans are modified to match the needs of the patient and their health and wellness goals.
  • Your first visit with the Chiropractor will involve a detailed history intake and examination. This begins by having you complete our new patient paperwork, and then we will review it together. If you have access to the internet, please feel free to complete the paperwork ahead of your appointment by clicking on the link below to get access to our online intake form (https://dawellnesscentre.janeapp.com/)
  • Once your file has been reviewed by one of our Chiropractors, a thorough physical exam is performed, where we assess your neuromusculoskeletal complaint using a variety of assessment tools aimed at diagnosing your injury. Please allow up to 45 minutes for your initial visit.
We often refer to this visit as the “Report of Findings”. During this visit, the Doctor will review your file and go over all pertinent findings of your history and examination. Your Chiropractor will explain in full detail what is going on with your injury/current complaint, how we can help, and how we can help prevent this from happening again. We believe that education is our strongest tool – our priority is to get you feeling your best as soon as possible.
Yes – chiropractic care is covered by most major health insurance plans. We currently offer direct billing through Canada Life, Sun Life, Manulife, Desjardins and many more. If we do not currently offer direct billing through your insurance provider, we can provide you with a receipt to submit the claim yourself.
Every joint is surrounded by a joint capsule that contains a lubricating joint fluid. When joints start to lose function, gas bubbles get trapped inside the joint. During a chiropractic adjustment, we are opening the joint and restoring its overall function. The opening of the joint causes the gas bubbles to release from within your joints making a “popping” or “cracking” sound.

Every chiropractic appointment is tailored towards each individual. Your Chiropractor will utilize different treatments, often an adjustment, to different joints of your body to restore or enhance overall joint function, as well as reduce pain and inflammation. Your Chiropractor may also recommend one or a combination of soft tissue therapy, kinesio-taping, rehabilitative exercises, nutritional counselling, referral for massage, pedorithics, or even referral to a healthcare provider outside of the office.

Given that every treatment is tailored specifically to each individual, the treatment length can vary. We prefer not to put a time stamp on your health and will tailor each appointment to your specific needs. While treatment times can vary, expect to be in the office for up to 15 minutes for a follow-up appointment and 25 minutes for an extended appointment.

At D+A Wellness Centre, we believe in three major phases of care. Whether you are coming in acute, sub-acute or are in for maintenance, we focus our treatment plans on getting you towards your health goals. Typically, the number of treatments will be more frequent at the beginning of care when you are usually feeling at your worst or as we call it, in the “acute phase”. Our goal is to get you out of the acute phase as quickly as possible so that you can maintain a fully functional, pain-free life. However, just because you feel great, doesn’t mean your body is functioning 100 percent. Our maintenance program focuses on maintaining your health so that your injury doesn’t come back to haunt you.

At D+A Wellness Centre, we focus on injuries/conditions that extend far beyond the spine. Whether your pain originates from the spine, or from your extremities, it is our job to get to the bottom of it. Our Chiropractors perform detailed examinations of the entire musculoskeletal system and will treat accordingly. Common injuries outside of the spine treated here include, but are not limited to: headaches, rotator cuff strains, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle dysfunction, foot problems, carpal tunnel etc. Whatever your musculoskeletal complaint is, we are here to help. If one of our skilled Chiropractors finds that your injury is not something that we can help with in our clinic, then we can refer you to our team of specialists with whom we work very closely.
Even though the risks associated with cervical adjusting are extremely low, we understand the hesitation associated with this form of treatment. Every patient is thoroughly examined prior to treatment and any potential risks are ruled out prior to beginning care. Depending on your injury, we have a long list of methods to treat conditions of the neck that don’t involve manipulation of the cervical spine. Speak to your Chiropractor about your concerns and we will accommodate your treatment plan accordingly.

We strongly believe in incorporating both active and passive care with every treatment plan. Although we mainly focus on passive care directly in the clinic, we will be associating your injury with a specific at-home rehabilitation program. These rehabilitation exercises are not only aimed at speeding up your recovery, but also focus on stabilizing your joints to prevent further injuries. Here at D+A Wellness Centre, we see a remarkable difference in progression of care between individuals doing their exercises versus those who don’t.

We will tailor your exercises to your capabilities and can modify if needed. Talk to your Chiropractor about your rehabilitation program today!

Studies have shown that manual therapy, including chiropractic, can help decrease pain during pregnancy and labour. Did you know that at least 50 percent of pregnant women will experience back pain? Chiropractors can provide safe, effective, and drug-free conservative care to relieve pain and improve function during pregnancy and following birth.

Currently, our clinic provides chiropractic care, home exercise prescription, kinesio-taping, massage therapy, pedorthics, and many more to come. We are continuously growing and adding services to provide you with the best healthcare possible.

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